Transforming every learner
into a global citizen.

Established in 2015, The Global Citizen Education Group recognized a skills gap within the education sector globally. We seek to instill in our learners a global consciousness and the civic mindedness to contribute and create impact globally. We hope to achieve this by empowering our learners with the 21st century competencies.

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Empowering individuals to seize the opportunities of the 21st century and develop holistically as life-long learners.

The Global Citizen Education Group is a social enterprise from Singapore, committed to bridge the gap in skills development and global citizenship education. We provide our learners with a suite of different learning opportunities through our platform to transform them into global citizens of tomorrow. We believe in using education as a platform to create and propagate impact. Our goal is to develop global citizens who will make positive contributions to the community around them and the world they live in.
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The Global Citizen Academy

Curating skills development and global citizenship education programs to equip learners with key 21st century competencies


Go Global

Creating global learning opportunities to deepen global consciousness and inter-cultural understanding


Eureka STEM Academy

Designing innovative STEM programs to provide our learners with an interactive and bite-sized approach to keep pace with industry 5.0

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Polaris Skills Academy

Preparing the next generation of professionals with essential skills and knowledge to enter the workforce and develop a passion for lifelong learning

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Prism Language

Equipping students with key language and communications skills to thrive in an interconnected world


Singapore Math Classroom

Leveraging the very best of Singapore’s mathematical educational approach to equip our learners to grasp complex mathematical concepts and problem-solving


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Singapore - Vietnam Student's Forum 2023

Oct 28, 2023—Nov 04, 2023

The Singapore-Vietnam Student Forum provides students the unique opportunity to interact with their international peers virtually and help them to build a platform for future international networks.

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At The Global Citizen Education Group, I get to study with coaches who have abundant experience in their field, supporting me whenever they can.

Ta Phu An
The Olympia Schools
Hanoi, Vietnam

The program has allowed me to think deeper into global issues, thus expanding my horizons. I have realized the importance of playing my part as a global citizen to solve global problems.

Nango Shotaro
Fukui Koshi High School
Fukui, Japan

Learning with The Global Citizen, I picked up many soft skills such as independence, open-mindedness and situational awareness. Needless to say, every part of my learning journey was a unique and eye-opening experience.

Le Hoang Mai Anh
Vietnam National University
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The training which I received from The Global Citizen benefited me especially in helping me structure my thoughts into coherent points. This was especially useful when I had to speak and think on my feet as in the case of DSA and RSP interviews.

Zachary Chu
Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

The fact that I got to discuss things that I usually don’t think about, such as the politics of other countries, was a plus for me. At first, I had a hard time understanding the language. But later, with the trainers’ help, I was able to grasp the content of the class and it was very fun.

Zheng Liu Xuan
Huamao Foreign Language School
Zhejiang Province, China

I was able to achieve success both as a debater and student. From a student who barely contributed during class discussions, to one with the confidence to speak confidently and communicate concisely.

Ho Bao Anh (Johnny)
British Vietnamese International School
Hanoi, Vietnam