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The Singapore Math curriculum has been celebrated all over the world for its rigor and effectiveness. Here at The Global Citizen Education Group, we believe that the SIngapore Math Curriculum has more to offer than difficult examinations. We believe that the problem solving approach that is being championed in the Singaporean curriculum is essential for the Future Global Citizens.
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Learning about Math
through solving problems

We hope to simplify Math for our learners. Math is and should be about mastery of specific concepts and skills. We believe that this can be achieved through many models, depending on the age and the best learning framework for the student. By tailoring the lesson according to the learning needs of each individual student, we can achieve the desired efficacies of the program.


The first goal is to introduce the relevant concepts. We will then proceed by breaking down the problem into easier to understand steps, which will be done using a variety of tools and methods. Students will leave with a firm understanding of the concepts.


The second goal will be to apply what has been taught in the Method phase. Through specific questions which challenge the students to identify the crux of the question. From there students will identify the appropriate solutions.


The third goal is to achieve Peer-to-peer teaching. This shows a confirmation of the student’s understanding. If they can express the concept clearly to teach or help their peers, it demonstrates the level of understanding they have achieved.


The last goal will be achieved when students look for different avenues to apply their approaches to problems in their daily lives. Equipped with the skills of higher orders thinking, we hope this process of learning remains ingrained in our learners.

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We recognize that students have specific and unique needs, and The Singapore Math Classroom is dedicated to providing a comfortable and conducive learning environment. To maximize learning, we provide two class models - the personalized and the classroom model. All lessons will be conducted through a blended model of asynchronous teaching via our online learning portal, and synchronous lessons with our experienced Singaporean trainers.

Singapore Math Curriculum.

The Singapore Math Curriculum is a uniquely developed curriculum by the Singaporean Ministry Of Education. It breaks down complex mathematical concepts into two strands: content and process. This is also known as the Heuristic Approach, understanding the mathematical proof or reason why certain functions are carried out. This differs from the rote learning approach many other countries have chosen to adopt. The Heuristic Approach ensures greater integration of concepts in the later graders as students tackle even more complex problems.

The other celebrated aspect of the Singapore Math Curriculum is the word problems that learners are presented with. These world problems demand the students to extract the most important information and apply the content and process knowledge to solve these problems. These problems may not be completely obvious to the learners right away, but when the correct concepts are applied, the solution almost becomes painfully obvious. We hope to make math simple, fun and intriguing for the learner.

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