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Our Teaching Framework

In line with the skill sets identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21), The Global Citizen Academy’s 4Cs approach to skills development helps equip learners with the necessary skills and views that will cultivate true global citizens. Through interactive learning experiences, TGCA develops global citizens who think critically, communicate effectively and contribute passionately. These are invaluable learning moments that will not only better prepare learners for higher education but also for a meaningful career and future.

Think Critically

Our programs are designed for learners to work on their critical thinking skills, as they are encouraged to examine, analyse, assess or rework new information in order to build and develop their comprehension and perception. This provides learners with the opportunity to evolve into mature, independent individuals who critically reflect on their world in order to make it a better place.

Speak Confidently

Learners cultivate their communication skills in our programs through activities that encourage them to share and present their thoughts and ideas, which ultimately builds their confidence to speak and present well. Fostering verbal communication leads to a significant influence on learning by assisting learners in comprehending and voicing thoughts about complex and simple issues, which increases their knowledge.

Write Creatively

Through our programs, learners construct their thoughts and ideas in creative forms to enhance their writing, reading, and communication skills while also developing their abilities in observation, creative problem-solving, communication accuracy, interpersonal diplomacy, and empathy development. This helps encourage learners’ personal growth, promote the study of unfamiliar themes, link them with essential texts and well-established creative writing methods and practices, and foster world critique via their writing through development of profound learning.

Work Collaboratively

Our programs allow for our learners to engage, discuss and work with others in an interactive format to build collaborative skills, expand knowledge and develop perspective by learning from the experiences of others. Learners will participate in writing, critical thinking, and rewriting more effectively when they connect with others, since interaction and interpersonal involvement increase critical thinking, learning, and writing abilities.