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Go Global is an experiential education platform based in Singapore that offers global learning experiences to foster intercultural understanding. Our programs aim to equip students with core global competencies through holistic and experiential learning.

About Us

Learn, explore, and broaden your horizon

Designed to ignite curiosity and inspire learning, our carefully crafted experiences blend interactive workshops, captivating site visits, and dynamic activities. From the vibrant streets of Singapore to the bustling avenues of New York, we offer a dynamic experience that cultivates critical thinking, sparks creativity, boosts confidence, and nurtures collaboration.

Key Features

Experience traveling
like no other

Inter-cultural Learning

Our Go Global program emphasizes intercultural learning by providing students with opportunities to engage with diverse cultures through immersive experiences and interactions.

Interactive and Immersive Approach

Through hands-on activities, workshops, and cultural exchanges, GoGlobal offers an interactive and immersive approach to education, ensuring students actively participate in their learning journey.

Global Awareness and Perspectives

GoGlobal fosters global awareness by exposing students to a wide range of global issues and perspectives, encouraging them to develop a broader understanding of the world around them.

Quality Out-Of-Classroom Learning

With carefully curated educational experiences beyond traditional classroom settings, GoGlobal ensures high-quality out-of-classroom learning opportunities that enrich students' educational experiences.

Summer Programs