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Unleashing Potential at Top Universities

Visit and stay at the top universities in the world. Immerse yourself in the life of a university student and network with the local students to gain insights and expectations to study there.

The Magic of Cultural Exchange

Dive deep into the enchanting blend of history and culture each country has to offer. You will get to eat like the locals, meet the locals and eventually you might even act like the locals.

Ignite Your Inner Innovators

Come and see for yourself how science and art intersect in places like the DHL innovation center in Singapore, and more.

Where Fun Meets Sustainability

As we progress with the world, we understand more how sustainability is increasingly important. Learn how each country achieves their Sustainable Development Goals and inculcate yourself in the sustainability movement.

A Home Away from Home

Enjoy yourselves with cozy accommodations in well-maintained dormitories, delectable meals showcasing the flavors of local cuisines and many more team-building activities.


Go Global offers short-term study tour programs across 3 countries to teach global citizenship skills for future leaders.
Dive into a world of adventure, creativity, and learning in the most dynamic and captivating destinations of Asia!