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The Prism Pedagogy

At Prism Language, we develop our curriculum to cater to learners with different learning needs and outcomes. Our educational approach utilises innovative approaches to develop the skills and knowledge of our learners, to ensure that our learners succeed in their language learning journey.

Skills-based, Not Just Exam-based

We emphasise on skills development of our learners, ensuring that our learners excel in their language learning both inside and outside of the examination hall.

Innovation & Interaction

Through the use of innovative digital tools, our lessons are designed to engage our learners and provide them with a meaningful and fun learning experience.

One Milestone At A Time

Language learning is a marathon, not a sprint. We encourage our learners to learn and achieve incrementally, providing them with encouragement and motivation in their learning.

Learning By Doing

Practice makes perfect, and our learners are provided with ample resources and opportunities to practice their language learning skills.

Feedback & Mentorship

Consistent feedback and mentorship are hallmarks of our approach, ensuring that our learners know how they are faring and what they can do to move their language learning forward.