TGC Vietnam: Expanding Horizons

TGC Vietnam: Expanding Horizons



Dec 18, 2021—Dec 22, 2021


Hanoi, Vietnam

Registration Fees

Early Bird: 4,400,000 VND

Regular: 5,500,000 VND

Registration Deadline

Early Bird: 30 November, 23:59 (GMT +7)

Regular: 18 December, 23:59 (GMT +7)


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An overseas education still remains an aspiration for many Vietnamese students today. At The Global Citizen Vietnam, we believe in making every learner a global citizen, thus, we are strong advocates of overseas education.

In line with this belief, we are proud to introduce our 5-day winter camp for students aged between 16 to 18 years old, TGC Vietnam: Expanding Horizons! Over the span of 5 days, participants will undergo both IELTS training as well as mentorships with university students from popular overseas education destinations to help them better understand and prepare for an overseas education.

This programme includes:

  • IELTS lessons
  • Personalized feedback from our trainers on student’s English skills
  • International Mentorship
  • Access to TGC Vietnam’s asynchronous library
  • Special discounts for future TGC Vietnam event


IELTS Lessons

Our IELTS lessons seek to support students who are gearing up for their upcoming IELTS examination. In these lessons, our trainers will help students consolidate their learnings and equip them with important examination skills to help them optimize their performance in the IELTS examinations. The class will consist of lectures and interactive activities to help students practice what they have learnt. Activities will include small group discussions and application questions. Students will also have access to some past year questions asynchronously to help them prepare for their examinations.


In this mentorship programme, students will get the chance to interact with students from top universities in popular Vietnam overseas education destinations. In this programme, mentors will share about potential scholarships as well as different student cultures in each of these locations. Students will then get the opportunity to ask their mentors questions they might have regarding overseas education.

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